Greg, the video tribute you created for our daughter will always be a part of our family and something we will have to keep her memory alive within us. The entire family thanks you for what you helped create. Our daughter would be proud. I know all of us certainly are.


Dave & Ginger Mathis & Family

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At New Light Media Productions, we specialize in Video, Graphic, and App Design, as well as Print Media and Creative Writing.  Our company is not a franchise or a major corporation. It's a family-owned and operated business made up of ordinary people, working together to give you extraordinary results.

We had debated not hiring a videographer with all the wedding expenses we already had. Let me say, I am so glad we did because the wedding disc you made for us is something we will treasure all the years of our marriage. And our future children will love it too! Thanks Greg.

Jess and Matt Smith


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Becoming a good team can be a tough endeavor in any type of business, but in a family business it is paramount. Day in, day out, we have the luxury of side-stepping traditional office politics and getting down to the nitty gritty of analyzing and maximizing each person's strengths to meet your needs.


The foundation of our business is video. We offer corporate, event, memorial, medical, realty, promotional, and legal video services. We have one of the only legal videographers in the area to be certified through the American Guild of Court Videographers. Click below to learn more about our video and other services.

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